Unleashing Style and Sustainability: The Brooks Marks x Friendly Blues Universal Panel Pants

Unleashing Style and Sustainability: The Brooks Marks x Friendly Blues Universal Panel Pants

In a groundbreaking collaboration, athleisure brand Brooks Marks and sustainable denim brand Friendly Blues have joined forces to create the ultimate fashion staple: the Universal Panel Pant. Both brands are founded under a mission to deliver elevated comfort, resulting in an innovative, boundary-pushing garment. This unisex pant is designed to cater to every body, offering a comfortable fit and a range of sizes. With a focus on sustainability, these pants are crafted from a blend of 97% organic cotton and 3% elastic fiber, ensuring both style and eco-consciousness. Available in three captivating colors: Pistachio, Cremini, and Jet Black, these pants are set to revolutionize the fashion industry.

Unisex Fit and Hyper-Flex Waistband

One of the standout features of the Universal Panel Pant is their unisex design, making them suitable for every body. Embracing inclusivity, these pants are tailored to fit a diverse range of body types, ensuring comfort and confidence for anyone and everyone. Inspired by the jacquard bands on the Brooks Marks Set debuted at Park City Fashion Week in 2021, the hyper-flex waistband is a game-changer, accommodating multiple waist sizes without compromising on style or fit. Say goodbye to restrictive waistbands and hello to a truly adaptable and comfortable fashion piece.


Sustainable Fabric and Comfort

Brooks Marks and Friendly Blues are committed to sustainability, and the Universal Panel Pant reflects this ethos. Crafted from a blend of organic cotton and elastic fiber, these pants offer a soft and breathable feel against the skin, similar to a sweatpant. The use of organic cotton reduces the environmental impact of traditional cotton production, while the elastic fiber provides flexibility and ease of movement. The result is a garment that not only looks phenomenal but feels like a second-skin, allowing wearers to embrace both style and comfort.


Extensive Size Range and Inclusivity

Recognizing the importance of size inclusivity, the Universal Panel Pant is available in an extended range of sizes. From XS to XXXL, these pants cater to a diverse range of body shapes and sizes, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the comfort and innovative design. This commitment to inclusivity sets a new standard in the industry, empowering individuals to express their personal style without limitations.


Captivating Color Palette

The Universal Panel Pant is available in a range of three captivating colors to suit various fashion preferences. The pistachio shade brings a fresh and vibrant touch, perfect for those seeking a subtle pop of color. The cremini hue exudes earthy divinity, providing a versatile option for both casual and formal occasions. For a classic and timeless look, the jet black option offers a sleek and sophisticated choice. With these three colors, the Universal Panel Pant offer endless possibilities for creating stylish and unique outfits, as shown in our style guide: 

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What Now

The collaborative item between Brooks Marks and Friendly Blues – the Universal Panel Pant – is a fashion-forward and sustainable garment that caters to all body types. With their unisex fit, hyper-flex waistband, sustainable fabric, extensive size range, and captivating color options, these pants are set to become a wardrobe staple for fashion enthusiasts seeking style, comfort, and eco-consciousness. Embrace the revolution of fashion and sustainability with the Universal Panel Pant - a true embodiment of style without compromise.

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